Government Officials


Public Safety

Police Non- Emergency: 419-666-5500
Fire Non Emergency: 419-666-0080

Elected Officials

Mayor: Michael Timmons
Clerk/Treasurer: Gretchen Densic


Council meets the second Monday at 6:30 p.m.

Roger Christoff
Tim Clapsaddle
Marvin Cowell
Fred Densic
Sharon Schwamberger
Dennis Traver – President

Administrative Officials

Solicitor: Erik Wineland
Street Commissioner:    Dan Brossia    419-836-9671
Tax Commissioner:    Rebecca Binkley   419-836-9671
Zoning Inspector:    David Sims   567-277-7047

Planning Commission

Michael Timmons
Dennis Traver
Dan Brossia

Board of Appeals

Keith Nusbaum (Thru 2021)
Ron Hanley (Thru 2020)
Larry Foley (Thru 2019)
Maryjane Getz (Thru 2018)
Earl Wells (Thru 2017)