Government Officials


Public Safety

Police Non- Emergency: 419-666-5500
Fire Non Emergency: 419-666-0080

Elected Officials

Mayor: Michael Timmons
Clerk/Treasurer: Gretchen Densic


Council meets the second Monday at 6:30 p.m.

Tim Clapsaddle
Marvin Cowell
Fred Densic
Jocelyn Harpel – President
Sharon Schwamberger
Dennis Traver

Administrative Officials

Solicitor:   Erik Wineland
Street Commissioner:    Boots Schwamberger    419-836-9671
Tax Commissioner:    John Kahmann   419-836-9671
Zoning Inspector:    David Sims   419-343-3775

Planning Commission

Michael Timmons
Boots Schwamberger
Tim Clapsaddle

Board of Appeals

Maryjane Getz (Thru 2023)
Keith Nusbaum (Thru 2021)
Ron Hanley (Thru 2020)
Larry Foley (Thru 2019)