About Millbury

The village of Millbury is located 8 miles southeast of Toledo in the northeast corner of Lake Township, Wood County, Ohio.  It has a population of 1221 and is a little over one square mile.  Like most villages in northwest Ohio, it was established after the draining of the Black Swamp in the 1850’s.

In 1856, petitioning for a post office brought up a discussion of a name.   George Hewitt, a switchman for the railroad, suggested Millbury after his hometown of Millbury, Massachusetts.  A petition, with 64 signatures, for the incorporation of the village was presented on June 1, 1874.  The commissioners granted the request on September 10, 1874.  At that time, according to the Perrysburg Journal, there were 100 homes with 500 residents; two saw mills, making 20,000 feet of lumber per day; two stave factories, using 50 to 60 cords of bolts per day; four bowl factories, making 80 to 100 doz. per day; five provision stores; one dry goods store; one drug store; four blacksmith shops; one carriage shop; plus other businesses including doctors and shoemakers.

Today, Millbury is mostly a “bedroom community” with most residents working outside of the village.  Millbury does have two churches, a funeral home, a pub, and a roofing company.  The Millbury Fireman’s Association has a fire hall, built in 1956, which hosts many receptions, dances, and gatherings.  Lake Township has 22 acres with a fire station and a park within the Millbury limits.  Millbury also has two parks totaling over 60 acres with over 2 miles of walking paths.  They are also used for baseball, softball, soccer and picnics.

On June 5, 2010, at around 11:15 PM, an EF4 tornado struck Millbury and the surrounding area, destroying over 50 homes and killing 7 people.  It also destroyed Lake High School and the Lake Township Administration Building and Police Department.

Millbury is a part of the Lake Local Schools.  The Lake Local School District covers the 13,000 residents of Lake Township, including the villages of Walbridge and Millbury.  To learn more about our school district go to: www.lakeschools.org